Visors in KIT

Protective visor in kit

With the support of leading local economic and social entities, and with the materials available in this period, we have created and are producing PROTECTIVE VISORS. All converting part of our production to help and meet the requests of institutions and individuals for defense / screen tools not available in this difficult emergency.

It is a complete facial protection system that can also be used with a mask and glasses. Functional and not cumbersome, it adapts to the needs of anyone who wants to fully protect themselves.
The materials used, as per attachment, are guaranteed by specific technical data sheets.

  • New ventilation system to prevent fogging
  • The visor is made in Italy and consists of a sturdy PET protective cover for effectively protecting the entire face. Made of recyclable material, it offers good visibility.
  • There is a space between the face and the protective cover.
  • It provides protection against any sprayed substance.
  • A light, functional, re-usable, user-friendly visor that adapts to any shape.
  • It allows the use of glasses and masks.
  • Easy to clean with a cloth and a diluted disinfectant solution.
  • Customised graphics.
  • The visor is not a PPE or certified medical device